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A catapult is a machine that stores energy then quickly releases it to fire a projectile. the projectile can rang from large stones to dead bodes. the catapults are made in veriaty of sizes and all are to large for a person to carry. they were found in between 399 BC and 886 AD. They started to dissaper when new defense systems made them ineffective.

What is a catapult

Where they began

China came up with the main idea of catapults around 300 BC. Thess catapults have been used by the Greeks, Romans, Chinese, and Europe.There are three types of catapults made through the centruys.The frist was a jiant cross bow named the Ballista. Then the Mangonel came in 400 BC and was created by the Romans. The Trebuchet that came around 500 AD. Was the most powerful of all, and demolishs castle walls.

Treebuchet, Mangonel, Ballista

stones (Mangonel/Trebuchet)sharp wood poles (Ballistadarts (Ballista)pots of fire (Mangonel/Trebuchet)quicklime (Mangonel/Trebuchet)burning tar (Mangonel/Trebuchet)burning sand (Mangonel/Trebuchet)dead animals (Mangonel/Trebuchet)body parts (Mangonel/Trebuchet)diseased bodies (Mangonel/Trebuchet)

# Catapults were the frist of artilary# The last large scale mitilary use for catapults was in WW1# The frist catapult was an over size crose bow# Romans used ballista catapults on their warships# Catapults are also used for Pumpkin Chunking# In January 2011 smugglers used a catapult to lanch marijuana into the united States



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