Building Reading Stamina

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Building Reading Stamina

Building Stamina

Your muscles need excercise go the distance, and so does your brain!

Steps to increasing student reading stamina and confidence.Students want to feel confident and successful, and with the right tools in their reading toolbox, we have the power help them transform their pre-conceived notions about their own ability for success (Gulla, 2012). Much of the literature cites the same main factors that can increase comprehension (Dodson Brown, 2006), including:-Making sure the student reads the entire passage-Re-reading to check for understanding before responding/reacting-Using highlighters to draw attention to essential details-Annotating the text with comment/connections during reading.While these are important skills, they do little to address the practice of slowly building up the pace of their reading over time to become better and more confident readers. Ellery and Rosenbloom (2011) Explore some great sprint activities to build up reading muscles:1. Purposefully using the terms “Spints” and “Stamina” to increase students awareness of the purposiveness of increasingly longer/harder reading passages.2. Relay Sprints, whereas students work in small groups and pass the read-aloud on after 1 minute.3. Interval Sprints, where students will have an increase of one minute and a low-stakes assessment at the close of each interval to self-assess their comprehension at each level.4. Who/What/Where?When?Why sprints, where students engage in reading with pre-loaded knowledge of the assessment questions (and know what they are ‘looking’ for in the text)These are only a few of the adaptations of the “Sprints” strategy, and as Gulla (2012) reminds us, the key and challenge of teaching is really knowing our students and knowing what strategy is going to help which student at what time.

So students can go from this(fidgety, disengaged, bored and maybe feeling stupid)

to this!(enjoyig reading, able to find books they like and sharing thier great reads with thier peers)


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