Building a PLC (Collaboration and Networking)

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Building a PLC (Collaboration and Networking)

Isn't a PLC just another name for a committee? Or a piece to building a PLN. Start with the video to the right, then explore the resources and decide.

Personalized Learning Community

Community of Practice

According to Etinne Wenger "Communities of practice are groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly." Read his introduction in the attachments.

Professional Network

Your Personal Learning Network Made Easy

A great article that defines, explains the benifits, has a sample of a student developing a PLN and outlines the steps to make your own. You will find this in the attachments.

Ensure Students Learn

A Focus on Results

A Culture of Collaboration

Richard DuFour on PLN

Edutopia on PLN

A PLC gives you the support to take a risk.

Which is a PLC?

Do you ever feel like this? It is time to break out!

"We think this would mean that the general isolation teachers have been working under for so many years has been counter productive to the students."

Any Questions?

Information for this glog was collected by Lynn Koresh, Paula Cancro and Tracy Hanson for the Flat Classroom Quadblogging Assignment

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