Building a Community & Remixing

by ksabatini
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Building a Community & Remixing

Building a Community & Remixing

Fill in the vocabulary terms below on your worksheet for #'s 1-7.


1. Governance- The act of running something according to a set of rules2. Charter - A document that explains how a community is organized, including the responsibilities of the community members3. Rework- Reform or reuse copyrighted work into something new4. Fair Use- The ability to use copyrighted work without permission but only is certain ways and specific information. (Example: education, news, criticism, parody, etc.)5. Public Domain- Creative work that is not copyrighted and free to use6. Remix/Mashup- Editing together clips of video, sound, etc. by mashing different parts together to create something new7. Parody- A creative work that is a funny imitation of something and pokes fun at original work (Example: SNL)

Questions for Reflection:1. What does it mean when we "rework" copyrighted material? 2. How can you tell if something is fair use? 3. Have you ever "reworked" copyrighted material? Did you follow fair use?4. Even if you create something that is fair use , why is it important to give credit to the work you used to make it?5. What are some qualities of a positive online community, such as Facebook?6. How are online communities similar to real life communities? How are they different?

Watch the two videos below to answer questions # 7&8 on your worksheet. Use the Four Points of Fair Use to help you.




The case of "DJ Earthworm"

The case of "Scary Mary"



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