Bug Bite

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Bug Bite

Bug Bite

Bee and Wasp - For most people, it's a minor nuisance. Your skin get red, swollen, a little painful. - It is a real problem to people who are allegic, they may break out in hives, wheezing, rapid heartbeat, faintness, and swelling of the face, lips, throat, or tongue. - If a person has an allegic and has these symptoms, call 911 or go to the emergency room immediately. Use EpiPen if it's available. - If you get stung by bee or wasp, remove a sting as soon as possible - Wash the sting with soap and water.

Flea and Tick- Flea bites can cause itching or rash.- Mostly they're not serious category.- Fleas are often found on Fluffy.- Ticks are often found in wooded or grassy areas- Remove them as soon as you notice them.- Don't burn them because they will burrow deeper in your skin.

Mosquito- Their bite cause itching.- Sometimes they cause diseases such as West Nile, malaria, or dengue fever.- They are found in swampy areas or areas that have water nearby

Spider- If you are bitten by black widow or brown recluse, wash the area with soap and water, put an ice pack on, and go to doctor even though you don't have any reaction.- These spiders like to hide in dark, quiet places like attics or garages, under porches, and in woodpiles. Be careful with the spiders when you go to these places.

What to do?- Antihistamines can help you to stop itching and lessen swelling.- Acetaminophen can help relieve pain.- If a person has an allegic reaction, call 911 or go to the emergency room immediately. Use EpiPen if it's available.- Take a bug with you if you can, so the doctor can identify it easier.

Preventing from bugs and insects- Clean your house regularly during warmer months to protect you from fleas- Stay away and clean the area that mosquitoes can breed such as ponds, birdbaths, bucket, etc. Stay inside the house or use insects repellent at dusk and dawn.- If you are in tick country, avoid woody areas with high grass. Check yourself for ticks. Remove them immediately if you find them. If you have pets, check your pets too.- Use insects repellent when you are outside or go camping.- Wear gloves when you are gardening.- Don't disturb bee or wasp nests or swat at buzzing insects.- Be aware that spiders, they usually hiding in dark and quiet places such as woodpiles, garages, or seldom-open boxes.



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