Buffalo Soldiers

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Buffalo Soldiers



Buffalo Soldiers

Elwood is one of the best anti-hero's of all time. This movie is different than any other military movie before it. It is set in a time of peace, but at the same time they are at war within. The writing for the movie is exceptional, the acting was good and hilariously funny. i feel that the movie deviated from the book way too much in lots of areas turning it from a reverse mystery to a satire of a military movie, but it was very well done.

Set in the waning days of the cold war; special fourth class soldier Ray Elwood runs a profitable black-market ripping off the U.S military. Elwood a smart unscrupulous, and calculating man makes drugs to sell, steals from the army and deals heavy arms. But when a tew top Sergeant Robert E Lee comes into the base to clean up the nefarious acts; Elwood doesn't take the threat posed by Sergeant Lee too seriously.To get in the new "top's" head Elwood sets his sites on trying to bed Sergeant Lee's daughter. The Sergeant is more ruthless than he seemed.

Directing:Gregor JordanBook: Robert O'ConnorScreenplay:Gregor Jordan, Eric Weiss, Nora MaccobyCast:Elwood: Joaquien PhoenixRobyn: Anna PaquinSergeant Lee: Scott GlennColonel Berman: Ed Harris





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