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In Buddhism, Buddhists do not belive in in a devine God or ultimate power, insted they belive in soomething called enlightenment. Enlightenment is when you have focused your body and mind to the point of opening your soul, breaking the cycle of Samsara or rebirth and becoming one with the world around you.

The Five Precepts are:1. Abstain from killing or harming living beings.2. Abstain from stealing.3. Abstain from improper sexual conduct.4. Abstain from false speech.5. Abstain from taking alcohol and harmful drugs.

The History of Enlightenment

The Wheel is a very important symbol in Buddhist beliefs, its eight spokes are used to represent the Noble Eightfold Path as it shows the circulation of life and is the key to obtaining Nirvana through understanding the patterns in life.

Additional Precepts for Monks and Nuns are:6. Abstain from eating after noon.7. Abstain from looking at dancing, singing, or drama.8. Abstain from the use of perfumes and things that tend to beutify and adorn a person.9. Abstain from using comfortable beds.10. Abstain from accepting gold or silver.And the list goes on for up to almost 200 precepts!

1. Right View: We must know what it takes to go properly through life, therefore we must follow the doctorine of the Four Noble Truths.2. Right Thought: We must clear our mind of all desires, ill-will and cruilty in order for us to be open to more natural and peaceful thoughts.3. Right Speech: We should not lie, gossip or speak unkindly so we can be respected and trusted by those around us.4. Right Conduct: Also known as right action, right conduct is to follow the treachings of the Five Precepts and having good social behaviour.5. Right Livelihood: Earning a good living through actions that cause no harm to any living thing weather its physical or emotional harm.6. Right Effort: One must stive to do good, have good thoughts and have goodwill towards others.7. Right Mindfulness: A person must have good morals set for the thoughts that they have in all aspects of life.8. Right Concentration: The final step is to only focus your mind on one thing at a time, doing this will help one meditate and in turn achieve enlightenment.

This path was given by Buddha in Deer Park which set in motion the eight-spoke wheel of Dharma which in turn set the stepping stones for the Noble Eightfold Path.

The Lotus Flower is the symbolic representation of a human being in life. A lotus flower starts its life in the mud at the bottom of a body of water, but as it grows ever closer to the light, it blossoms and rises to the top and becomes a beautiful flower such as a human reaching towards Enlightenment.


Buddhism:"At It's Finest"

The Noble Eightfold Path

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The Five Precepts are the rules given by the Buddha in order to have proper behaviour towards others in the mental, verbal and physical aspects of life.

The Five Precepts


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