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What is Buddhism? Buddhism is an old religion that dates back to around 2,500 years ago created by a man named Siddhattha Gotama. Siddhattha Gotama is now known as the Buddha, which means the "enlightened one". There are currently around 500 million practicing Buddhists. Most Buddhists live in eastern India and countries to the east of India, although the religion has now spread to Europe, the U.S.A., Austrailia, and New Zealand. Buddhism is a very popular and interesting religion that has many followers and is quite complicated.

The Buddha Siddhattha Gotama is thought to be born in about 563BCE. His father ruled a small kingdom in northern India, around modern day Nepal. His father wanted him to one day become the ruler of his kingdom, and in order for him to be a great ruler he couldnt see these four sights: a sick man, an old man, a dead man, and a monk. If he did infact see those sights he would become a wandering holy man, but his father didn't want that. So, in order hide those sights from his son, he kept him in a luxury at the palace where he grew up, was married and had a son. Just when he his life appeard complete, he began to question his life and went out into the royal park and saw the four sights.

The Four Sights

Enlightenment Siddhattha is said to had sat down underneath a tree near a temple of the Hindu god Vishnu where he stayed all night in deep meditation. As dawn broke, he saw the meaning of all things start to unfold, he was enlighted. The moment he became enlightened, he recived Nirvana. Nirvana is freedom from the cycle of rebirth, freedom from suffering. A person that is said to be totally free from the world and cannot be reborn is called Tathhagata, which means "Thus-gone".

The Buddha Meditating underneath the tree

The Four Noble Truths1. All life involves suffering.2. The cause of suffering is desire and attachment.3. Desire and attachment can be overcome.4. The way to overcome them is to follow the eight fold path.

The Eightfold Path1. Right veiwpoint2. Right interaction3. Right speech 4. Right action5. Right work6. Right effort7. Right mindfulness8.Right meditation

Conclusion Taking it all into account, Buddhism is a very interesting religion. Some things that I really enjoyed was the stories related to Buddism and how detailed and magnificent they where. Budddhism is a great religion and culture.


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