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BuddhismBy: Monica Lopez Ramos


Personal Opinion

Connects with Ancient China

Extra Facts 1. There are 376 million Buddhists worldwide. Buddhism is the main religion in Asia, and there are about 150,000 Buddhists in Britain. 2. In Buddhism, there are 32 different images of Buddha. All those Buddhas are different and represent different ideas.Here are 3 examples out of the 32 different Buddha symbols: Buddha with bump on his head- the bump on the head represents “talented”.Buddha with a third eye- a third eye symbolizes that Buddha could see things that ordinary people cannot see. Buddha with curled hair- the curled hair is suppose to protect him from the sun and allow him to meditate. 3. Buddhists’ holidays always happens on nights with a full moon. 4. Buddhists have candles and spice sticks during worship because they believe they stand for light and knowledge. When Buddhists chant to Buddha they use candles and sticks to give them more knowledge. 5. In Asia Buddhism is divided in seven divisions, but they are all similar. Korean Zen Buddhism, Nichiren Buddhism, Theravada Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, Mahayana Buddhism, Pure Land Buddhism, and Tibetan Buddhism. 6. A few days after he was born, a wise man predicted that he would later become a saint that would change the world.


The goal of Buddhism is to cleanse the spirit, and to go to Nirvana.A Buddhist does not worship a god but does chant to Buddha, meditate, and read religious books. Buddhists believe that if one does not reach Nirvana, one will reincarnate into a new life. Nirvana is basically a way of breaking the reincarnation cycle. Nirvana is described as a place without suffering, sickness, or death.

No one really knows when Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) was born or the date of his death.People guessed his lifetime as 566- 486 BC, but other people think that his lifetime was 490- 410 BC. Buddha had never heard of sickness, age, and death because he lived in a royal family which isolated him from the outside world. One day he went outside to discover a sick man, old man, and corpse, and that opened his eyes to the real world. Buddha saw a holy man and decided to be a homeless holy man. When he did so he tried following self discipline but did not feel the relief he wanted. He wanted to end suffering or pain. While meditating under the Bodhi Tree he figured out the reasons for suffering. That is how Siddhartha Gautama became Buddha.

In my personal opinion, Buddhism is a religion I would never try. I love my religion as it is, and I do not really want to believe that I will reincarnate and if I reach Nirvana I break the cycle. However, the reason I chose to learn more about Buddhism instead of Taoism and Confucianism, is because Buddhism seems to be more mellow and can bring people a lot of peace in your life.





Buddha was born in India. Buddhism began before the Han Dynasty, but at the end of the Han Dynasty Buddhists missionaries went on the Silk Road becasue they knew that other people from all over there were unhappy. Buddhists wanted to try to help others end suffering ,and that is how the religion spread to Asia.

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