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How Buddhism came about....

Hindu followers broke away from Hinduism and created a new religion called Buddhism.Leaders name: Siddhartha Gautama.Known as: BuddhaHis father ruled a small state in Northern India.Siddhartha lived in 3 palaces where he knew nothing of suffering.

Siddhartha GautamaGoogle images; Siddhartha Gautama

Siddhartha set out on a six year spiritual conquest to discover the meaning behind suffering. image from google images; siddhartha gautama spiritual quest

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"Suffering only ends when a person reaches Nirvana- When he/she eliminates the cycle of desire that leads to reincarnation"

"suffering is caused by desire."

"When Nirvana is reached one is not reborn. They're free from lifes hardships. Nirvana- "Blowing out"- Kind of like a candle being blown out."

The teachings of Buddhism.

At the first sermon Siddhartha preached the four noble truths.

"All life is suffering because it involves physical and mental discomforts."

These quotes are from the World History Text book.

Google images- 4 noble truths

google images; The 8 fold path

Spread of Buddhism-----------------------------Buddha died, his religion spreading beyond Indias border.Sri Lanka, Southern India, Southern Asian Countries, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia etc.________________Fun Facts; Buddhism became dominant religion of Eastern Asia.Asoka became a Buddhist and promoted this religion throughout India.Buddhist missionaries traveled along the silk road converting tremendous numbers of Chinese people to Buddhist's.

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Image from google images; Buddhism.


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