Buddhism in The New Age

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Buddhism in The New Age


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What is Buddhism?Buddhism came to be approximately 2500 years ago in Northern India.. It follows the teachings of a man called Siddhartha Gautama, who is also known as the Buddha. Buddha is not a name rather it is a special title. Buddha’s father was a king and his mother was a queen. Through meditation Buddha achieved enlight ment while sitting under a tree. After he delivered his first sermon, he talked about the four noble truths which are a basic summary of his teachings. He also spoke about the eightfold path which is a general way to live life.

Eightfold PathRight view (Know the truth)Right Intentions (Free the mind of evil)Right speech (Say positive things)Right action (Work for the good of others)Right livelihood (Respect life)Right effort (Resis evil)Right concentration (Practice meditation)Right mindfulness (Control your thoughts)


BeliefBuddhism does not have a single or central source of beliefs like the bible or the qur’an rather Buddhists have a number of different beliefs. Buddhists have an ultimate goal, which is to end suffering. They try to do this by following the Noble Eightfold Path. They try to have the right view, right thought right speech, right conduct, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness and lastly right concentration. Although this goal of the Buddhists is difficult to achieve because they believe that to live is to suffer. Some people have it worse then others, such as those living in poverty and being surrounded by war but some have lots of money, a loving family but in reality they still do suffer and struggle at times. Buddhists do not believe that going to the temple to worship every day is necessary. Also Buddhists believe in karma. Karma is a belief that refers to your current actions coming back to you in the future, they can be good or bad depending on what you do now. Also, reincarnation is a common belief that when you die, your spirit goes into another body. Karma can affect you in your new body as well.

Buddhist Temple

DharmaPracticing Dharma is one of the best methods to open up our human life. Our life depends on our decisions and choices that we make. We should not depend on any materials; we should find happiness and peace in everything we do. The negative problems we deal with daily are the problems we want to remove to have a good life. Buddhist people believe that we will reincarnate and go through a cycle of rebirth. When someone dies, their next form is determined on how their good karma and bad karma was in their last life. One of the most important parts of Buddhism is the Four Noble Truths, they describe the true nature of our existence and explain the path of living a good life. This was the first sermon given by the Buddha after he was enlightened. The practice of meditation allows you to be aware of what you are and notifies you that you’re not the physical body. It allows you to be deeply connected with ourselves cutting off our thoughts, this is one of the many ways that lead to enlightenment. Enlightenment is a practice, you need to be able to free yourself from everything, media, news, and everything possible. Ask questions about everything you can, how humankind was made? Why are we here? Understand that you own nothing, nothing is under your control. Choose the right decisions that affect your happiness and you will be on your journey to enlightenment..


Bhikkhuni sangha

Population of Buddhists in Asia

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Dalai Lama(Monk of Tibetan Buddhism)

Buddhist answer to bullyingBullying is a very active issue in our schools, homes, workplaces, and our communities. Bullying ranges from physical, verbal, technological and emotional abuse. One of the most common reason a kid is a bully is because they get treated harshly from their parents, feel neglected and lash out on other people, or get bullied themselves. Bullying affects a victim's life and leaves a scar on the soul. They deal with constant fear, tension, anxiety, and they often feel hopeless and worthless. The buddhist way to deal with bullies, we try to have compassion for our enemies, we want to end suffering with them. You should always choose to respect and ignore the ignorance, look ahead of it and find the positive aspect of it.

The Triple Jewels

Meditation Video

The Five PreceptsAbstain from killing or harming living beingsAbstain from stealingAbstain from improper sexual conductAbstain from false speechAbstain from taking alcohol and harmful drugs

NirvanaNirvana is a state of mind where there is no suffering, desire or sense of self. Enlightment is understanding the truth of life by attaining freedom from ignorance. The first person to achieve these Buddhist goals was a man named Siddhartha achieved nirvana by just sitting down and watches the world go by. He saw death and rebirth of all types of beings as a consequence of their behavior. People who perform good deeds will have good karma and fortune in their next live after they reincarnate. The opposite will happen to those who perform bad deeds. When Siddhartha realized this, he removed all ignorance from his live and that was when he achieved nirvana. We can all do something similar to this to achieve nirvana. We must change our ways of life so that our main focus is not materialistic items because those all go away when we die and reincarnate into a new physical body. We must be spiritually rich in order to achieve nirvana because that stays with us forever.

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Buddhism – Practices, Rituals, and FestivalsBowing - Buddhist bow before sacred objects 3 times to honor the three refuges, it can be done standing or kneeling Mantra’s – symbolic phrases that are chanted by Buddhists to help keep in touch with their spiritual nature.Butsudan (Shrine) – holds representations of the Buddha, offerings of fruit and flower are offered to the shrineMagha Puja day – Full moon day during March, it’s the proclamation of the basic principles of the Buddhist teachings and the sermon Basis of Success Visakha Puja Day- Celebrates the three important events in the Buddha’s life – birth, enlightenment and death.

BuddhismIn TheNewAge

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