Buddhism in Thailand

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Buddhism in Thailand

Men- do not wear as much traditional clothing as women, who usually wear a wrap-around cloth around the waist called hong kraben. They are reminiscient of baggy pants.Women- Wear a skirt which is worn by wrapping it around their waist called a sin. Much of cultural Thai clothing is unisex, such as the suea pat or buttonless long sleeve. Other than these things, most Thai people wear regular clothing.

Buddhist education in Thailand is widespread. The curriculum focuses on intertwining Buddhist teachings and precepts into each subject to help students apply their religion in their lives to attain success. Buddhist schools stress good habits in students to build good character. Buddhism is the main religion in Thailand and therefore most schools are Buddhist based.

Buddhism in ThailandBy Jacob Ildefonso

The Wat Phra Kaew, possibly one of the most iconic Buddhist temples in Bangkok, Thailand, dedicates itself to the worship of Buddha. It boasts the largest statue of the Reclining Buddha in Thailand as well as breath-taking architecture, which attracts millions to the temple every year. What a sight!

Social/Religious Aspects: Places of Worship

Social/Religious Aspects: Education

With every country having a dark history of maltreatment towards women, Thailand is no exception. But the role of the Thai woman has jumped leaps and bounds from their previous view as inferior to men seen decades ago. Yingluck Shinawatra, the 28th prime minister of Thailand who just ended her term in office is a testament to the power of women. While women still struggle to move past current discrimination, their plight has significantly improved.

Political Aspects: How are women treated?

More than anything, Thailand is stereotypically known for its reputation as the hub of prostitution. Tourists as well as Thai men regularly visit brothels as a pastime, which usually consists of sex with women, drinking alcohol, and having a good time. Prostitution is so prominent in Thailand that it accounts for 3% of the country's economy.

According to the Global Peace Index, Thailand ranks among the least peaceful countries at 126/162. Internal civil conflict, social safety and recent militarization have earned Thailand this rank, but because it is still a developing country, peace comes with time.

Political Aspects: Peaceful or warring country?

Cultural Aspects: Clothing

Cultural Aspects: Pastimes


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