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Buddhism (by nappypony)

Buddhism:World ReligionsBy.Serenity Young

Buddhism inAsia Although the Buddha was born in India,his teachings are taught around the world.Buddhist monks are encouraged to travel and teach Buddhism where-ever they go like missionaries.Around 282 B.C.E Buddhist monks introduced buddhism to Asia.Although Buddhists beliefs greately differed from the also growing religion of hinduism, Buddhism in Asia is still very popular today.

Who was the Buddha? The term "Buddha" means enlightened one.The Buddha lived between 566-486 B.C.E.He had been born to royaly and a sheltered life, and gave it all up once he realized the horrors of reality, including death and disease.The witnessing of such evens caused him to seek spiritual enlightenment and thus Buddhism was born under a Bo tree.

What do Buddhists believe and how do you become one?Buddhists belive that suffering is caused by desire,and in order to stop suffering you must stop wanting.A few rules of buddhists are: you cannot steal,take ANY life( even a bug), lie,drink,or engage in illicit sex. In order to become a buddhist you must welcome the " The Jewels"into your life which include the Buddha himself,his teachings ( the Dharma) and the buddhist community and ways ( Sangha)

Poster by.Geena L.Roberts P.3/4 Howell

Modern BuddhismToday,Buddhists in Asia and the united states still practice different forms of buddhism.Some commit themselves to helping their communities,or simply introducing buddhist principles such as thanks into their lives.Zen buddhism is a popular form of buddhism in the united states, as well as in monastries and nunnaries in Asia .

Buddhist monks praying at the Songkran Festival



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