Buddhism (by laney16)

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Buddhism (by laney16)


Buddishm is a religion that is not centered on the belief of gods but the rencarnation and freeing the self from desire. It has two main traditions called Theravada, and Mahayana. Theravada highlights the strict teachings of the early Buddist writings. Mahayana states that salvation is easier to attain. In the 6th BC a prince named Siddhartha Gautama gathered a community monks to continue his teachings, built the law of karma, and created the Four Noble Truths. The law of karma states that good and evil deeds result in The Four Noble Truths are that existance is a realm of suffering, desire, and a belief in the importance to one's self, causes suffering, achievement of Nivera ends suffering, and Nivera is attained by mediation and following the righteous path in action, thought, and attitude.

A rock cut buddha in India.

The traditional Buddhist Thangka depicting the wheel of life.


A Buddhist temple.

The Mahabodhi temple in India.

Buddhist music.



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