Buddhism (by arjuntisse)

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Buddhism (by arjuntisse)


Life of Buddha Buddha was a prince in Northern India, he could of been a powerful king or monk. He chose to be a monk and not a king. This is the story of Buddha

Karma Karma is force caused by peoples goods and bads. For example if you do somthing good it will come back to you and if you do somthing bad it'll come back.

Four Noble Truths The four noble truths are 4 statements that explains how to live a more peaceful way of life.

Eighfold Path The eightfold path is the title name of the four noble truths. It is instructions on how to live a peaceful and stressless way of life.


Buddha's texts Buddha had once said '' How can I enjoy a life of pleasure when so much suffering in the world..'' Later, he used this question to create the four noble truths.

Which Countries Buddhism is found in lots of countries even though it was originated in countries. This is mostly found in southeast Asia

Number of Followers 500million

Fun Facts -Buddhism is one of one of the most peaceful way of life. -Buddha is made look different in many surrounding countries. -Buddhism originated in India



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