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THE FOUR NOBEL TRUTHS: 1- All life is suffering, because it involves physical and mental discomforts-not only old age, sickness, and death, but also unfulfilled longings, loss, and grief. 2- Suffering is caused by desire-the cravings that everyone experiences, including desires for pleasure, love, wealth, and power. Desire, said the Buddah, causes the endless, wearying cycle of birth and rebirth. 3- Desire and suffering only end when a person has achieved Nirvana- that is, when he or she has elminated the cycle of desire that leads to reincarnation. One who raches Nirvana will never be reborn, and is free fro suffering that comes with life. 4- The way to achieve Nirvana is through following the eightfold path: -Right understanding (seeking accurate knowledge) -Right intention (avoiding destructive thoughts and desires) -Right speech (saying nothing untrue or harmful to others) -RIight action (acting virtuously) -Right livelihood (doing work that does not harm others) -Right effort (resisting evil and negative states of mind) -Right mindfulness (maintaining a true awareness of the world) -Right concentration (training thoughts through meditation)

FOUNDER The founder of Buddhism was Siddhartha Gautama. One day, Siddhartha set out to find the meaning of suffering that all people experience. After a long time he finally became the Buddha- enlightened one.

HOLY BOOKS There is not a specific book for the Buddhist faith. It is based on the Dhamma. The Dhamma consists of three parts: 1. Sutra Pitaka (Containing sutras) 2. Vinaya Pitaka (Containing disciplinary methods) 3. Abhidhamma Pitaka (Containing more deep dhamma parts)

Some other beliefs of the Buddhist faith was to seek enlightment through the Eightfold path. The Buddha also said that his followers must also show compassion to all living things, including animals. He wanted his followers to ignore the caste divisions of Hinduism.



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