Bud, Not Buddy

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Bud, Not Buddy

About the StoryThe setting of the story is during the great depression in Flint. The main character of the story is Bud Caldwell. He is an orphan that was placed in foster care because his mother died. Bud went to live with the Amos's and was treated poorly. Eventually, Bud escapes and searches for his father. Bud carries a suitcase wherever he goes. His suitcase has items in it that are symbolic to his identity. Some of these items include; a picture of his mother, rocks that are numbered, flyers for a band, and a blanket. Bud seems to think that the man on the flyers (Herman E. Calloway) is his father. At the end of the story, Bud and Herman E. Calloway are reunited. It happens to be that Herman is NOT his father. As a matter of fact, Herman E. Calloway is Bud's grandfather.

Obvious: easyreputation: a person's characters as observed by othersvegetarian: a person who doesn't eat meatknickers: shortilk: low=life creatures like rats and miceglum: sadprecious: prettyraid: attack or invasionmiracle: an act of Godsacrafice: giving something up for peoplescolding: lecturing or reprimanding

New Vocabulary(using context clues to determine the meaning of unfamiliar words)

The Story about ...

Spoiler Alert!!

-People didn't have jobs-People were starving-People had to wait on line at soup kitchens for food-People lived in cardboard boxes because they were homeless-The Great Depression started in 1936

The Great Depression

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At the end of the story Bud found out that Herman E. Calloway was not his father. Herman is actually Bud's grandfather. When Bud's mom (Angela) was young, she ran away from home. Herman was very hard on Bud's mom because he wanted the best for her and he wanted Angela to be a successful teacher.

Suitcase Project


Each student created their own suitcase. In each suitcase there are personal items that are symbolic to them.


Bud Caldwell: a 10 year orphan who is searching for his father. He is well-mannered but very sneaky. Bud follows his list of rules and things to help him make a better life.Bugs: Bud's best friend. He is also an orphan.Lefty Lewis: A man who finds Bud and takes him under his roof. He feeds and clothes Bud. Eventually Lefty takes Bud to Herman E. Calloway.The Amos family: Foster family to Bud. They locked Bud in the shed and were very cruel.Herman E. Calloway: Leader in the band and Bud's grandfather.Ms. Thomas: Singer of the band and takes motherly role to Bud.Deza Malone: A young girl who falls in love with Bud and gives him his first kiss.Ms. Hill: Librarian who helps Bud find out where to find his father. She gives him a map to guide him during his journey.Nobody But Calloway: The band that Herman and Ms. Thomas are in.


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