Bud, not Buddy

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Bud, not Buddy

Bud, Not Buddyby Christopher Paul Curtis

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Summary: Bud seeks his father and a home after the death of his mother. With the help of people he meets and his own street smarts, he travels from Flint to Grand Rapids, Michigan. There he finds a blues band lead by Herman E. Calloway, who he finds out to be not his father but his Grandfather.

The Great DepressionFamily and RelationshipsSurvivalHopeRacisim

"It's Bud,not Buddy sir".


"No sir I don't know why, but my eyes don't cry no more".



Christopher Paul Curtis was born in Flint, Michigan which is the setting in his famous book Bud, Not Buddy. Christopher Paul Curtis' writings have been greatly influenced by his family and friends. His uncle is "Lefty" Lewis, a negro baseball playing pitcher in 1930s. Most of Christopher Paul Curtis' books are old timely. That is the setting from Bud not Buddy.

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