Bud not Buddy

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Bud not Buddy

CharactersBud:BraveDeterminedYoungIndependentHerman E. Calloway:GrumpyMeanOld

About the AuthorChistoper Paul Curtis has won many awads for his books. His first book The Watsons go to Birmingham-1963 was singled out fo rmany awards. Bud not buddy was a story based on his grandfsthers.Christopher Paul Curtis was born in Flint, Michigain. He is now a full time writer and lives with his wife Kay, and his two children Steven and Cydney.

Bud not Buddy

Chistopher Paul Curtis

SettingThe setting of the book takes place in the state Michigain all the time through out the book. Some places in Michigain is Flint,Owosso, Grand Rapids,Hooverville,and Grand Calloway Station. The time period is in the 1930`s.

BudBud is brave and determined young boy because he went out all by himself to find his father. Bud is independent because he learned to live all by himself, get food, and survive and thrive without any of his parents.

Herman E.CallowayHerman E. Calloway is a leader of the band called the Dusky Devestators of the Depression. He is a very old man and is very Grumpy andmean most of the time. he is very lonly and

SummryBud not buddy is a fictional story written by Chistopher Paul curtis. the book is about a boy named Bud Caldwell. Bud lost his mother at age 6 and was set off on a journy to find his mysterious. Bud has faced many challenges such as vampires, evil foster parents and trust. Along the way he met new friends and helpers and became very brave and independent.Bud lived at the home before he went to his third foster home. he met the mean and evil amoses and the ran away after being locked in the shed. he was happy on the lam until he met his old pal Bugs. soon, the went on there own adventure of going to Chicago. when that plan failed Bud was left on hi sown to go an dlook for his fater. soon he come to the area and finds out that his father is a famous band leader. a turn of events happen when Bud lives with the band. his father doesn`t even like him. Then he finds out the truth. is herman E Callowy his Father?Read the book to find out!


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Quotes * " Don`t you think i can`t read? How come you`re carrying real human blood around in your car?" I showed him my jackknife. " i`ma warn you, i know how to kill vampires..."* " A bud is a Flower to be just wating for the right warmth and care to bloom..."

RatingI rate this book a 10 out of 10 because it is a very interesting book that that you can`t put down. Also it is very good because it teaches you what life is like during the Great Depression.


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