[2015] celie sherrill (Wilkinson, Grady's class): Bud, Not Buddy

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[2015] celie sherrill (Wilkinson, Grady's class): Bud, Not Buddy

Author: Christopher Paul Curtis

Title: Bud, not Buddy

Book Report

Problem/Conflict ' Resolution

My opinon of the book Bud, not Buddy is that it is sad, funny, and educational. This book got me hanging off the edge of my seat. I would recommend this book to adventurous people with an over active imagination.


The problem is when Bud got to Grand Rapids, Herman kept denying that he was Bud's dad because when Bud found him, Bud showed no love.

The story takes place in Flint, Michigan. Then the main character Bud goes to Grand Rapids to find his dad.

Bud Caldwell is an orphan. His mama died when he was only 6. He has no brothers and no sisters. His dad left him when he was born. Bud hated the orphanage, so he ran away to Grand Rapids where his dad, Herman E. Calloway lives.

One main event is when his mama died. She felt no pain. She knew her time was short so packed a suitcase of things that Bud needs to find his dad. Another main event is when he got adopted by the Amoses, but they made him sleep in the shed and he got a fish bite and got stung by wasps.



Main Events

By: Celie Sherrill


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