[2015] Palmer P (Griffins Class): Bud, not Buddy

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[2015] Palmer P (Griffins Class): Bud, not Buddy

Author: Christopher Paul Curtis

Title: .Bud, not Buddy

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A huge problem in this story is it's in the middle of the Great Depression. Another problem is that Bud is an orphan. His Mom died when he was six years old by illness. The last problem was he lost his best friend when he tried to jump on a train but failed.

I would recommend this book to people who like funny similes and history. I would also recommend this book to people who like music. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give this book 1,000.

This story takes place in many cities. one is Flint, Illinois. This is where Bud grows up and gets a part time home with the Amos family. The most important one is Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is important because it is where he meets his grandfather and joins his band. It also took place in the Great Depression

The main character is Bud Caldwell. The good people in this story are Lefty Louis, Kim, and Miss Thomas. the antagonists are Mr. Amos, Mrs. Amos and Todd Amos.

Bud gets a part time home with the Amos family. They locked him up in a shed with a hornets nest and he got attacked. He barely escaped that night. Later on He gets picked up by Lefty Louis and finds his grandfather Herman E. Callaway. He did not like him at first but they became family later on. Herman did not know he was related to him and he did not know his daughter was dead. When Bud told him his mother's name Herman started freaking out and ran up to his room and locked the door.



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