Bucky Paper

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Bucky Paper

Bucky Paper

Bucky Paper can be used in multiple different ways and in multiple different vehicles and compounds, Bucky Paper weighs less than normal metal and carbon making it very fuel efficent when it comes to things such as cars and planes, by making it use less fuel it makes it to where cars and planes can travel further on less fuel and is much more resistant than metal.

The Wonders of New Technology By: Issac Wilson

Bucky Paper and The Uses

How long until ready?

The estimated time until bucky paper is ready for anyday use is not far but not close either, it will take some time until bucky paper is used on cars and planes but when it is fuel will be cheaper and more people will survive from crashes.

My thoughts.

The price

My thoughts on bucky paper are set high considering i am in the generation of technology and lower gas prices will help when i am older.

I believe the price for bucky paper will be high considering it will help with fuel economy but i am willing to pay for it instead of gas.


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