Buchenwald Concentration Camp Opens

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World War II

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Buchenwald Concentration Camp Opens

Buchenwald concentration camp opens

Opened July 15, 1937 for male prisoners in east-central Germany. It was one of the largest camps in the German borders. Women were not part of the camp until late 1943 or early 1944.The ss often shot prisoners and hung other prisoners in the cermorium area. There were political prisoners and police sent 10,000 jews to camp where they recieved cruel treatment.

The initial purpose was to incarcerate opponents of the regime and other German undesirables. 8 years of its existence around 240,000 inmates and 30 nationalities passed through the camp and around 56,000 were killed from harsh conditions. In 1938 2,000 jews were brought to Australia, another 10,000 were imprisoned, subjected to brutal terror, 600 were released. The population grew to 37,000 in 1943 and 63,000 in the begining of 1944.Communist prisoners formed an underground movement and sabotaged the work and smuggled weapons into the camp.

People.Waller kraemer- illigaly smuggled a jewish prisoner for metical treatment and was killed for not taking orders.Willi Hammann- Head of Barrack 8 where children were held.Walter Sonntag- prevented evacuation of the jewish.


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