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Navagating Early

Author:Clare Vanderpool

Clare Vanderpool loves to read, research, and travel.

Clare lives in Wichita, Kansas, with her huspand an 4 children

The Setting of this book is in the deep forest of Maine with the dark green leaves and the water of the forest. When you slowly walk the dark forest you can hear the snakes hissing.

Clare Vanderpool wrote Moon Over Manifest and Navagating Early

The book Navigating Early by Clare Vanderpool is about when Jack Baker's Mom dies at the end of World War I and Jack's father is in the war. Jack gets placed in a boys boarding school in Maine. When Jack meets Early, a strange boy who reads the number Pi as a never ending story. When everybody goes away for Spring Break, Jack's father can't make it. Early asks Jack if he would go on a journey to find Pi and Early's long lost brother Fisher. They get themselves in trouble and hope to get themselves back home alive!

Jack Backer had a normal life in Kansas. Until his mom dies and Jack is forced to go to a boarding school in Maine.

Early Auden is a strange boy who reads the number Pi as a never ending story.

4 stars ****

My favorite scene is when the boys are expected to jump into a pool an push a brick across the pool. Jack was almost there. Untill he sees somthing near the drain. He go's towards it untill somone jumps in to make shrr he was alive!!

My other favorite scene is when Jack and Early find a house with an old woman in it. They old lady mistakes Jack as her son.


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