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Chemical Elements

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A Little History:In 1789 French chemist, Antoine Lavoisier, proposed that a new element could be found in Quartz . This element would come to be known as Silicon.


How Did Silicon get It's Name?Thomas Thomson named the element Silicon. He added the ending -on to the Latin word silicis meaning flint. Why the suffix -on? -on was the ending of many similar elements like Carbon. Why flint? Flint is one the earliest uses of Silicon

Elementary Facts:Atomic Mass: 28Protons: 14Electons: 14Neutrons: 14Density: 2.396 grams per cm. cubed1.396 grams per cm. cubed Classification: Semi-MetalState of Matter at Room Temperature: Solid

What is Silicon Used For And In?There is more Silicon in the Earth’s Crust than any other element besides oxygen. Many rescources that have Silicon in them, have oxygen as well.Chances are that a random rock you pick up has Silicon in it. Most tech has Sillicon in it. Silicon Dioxide is the most abundant form of Silicon. Silicon Dioxide is in sand, quartz, rock crystal, amethyst, agate, flint, jasper and opal. In the form of sand and clay it is used to make concrete and brick.

What's Your Point?Melting Point: 1687 K (1414°C or 2577°F)Boiling Point: 3538 K (3265°C or 5909°F)

Watch as Sillicon Compositesbecome the Silicon chips that go into the tech you love!Watch until the Intel covers the screen

Silicon even goes into ornamental things, like this Jade Dragon you're looking at now


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