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Bruce Lee

He was born in Chinatown, San Francisco, CAHe was one of the best martial artists.He was also a actor and film maker.1.He was a child actor in Hong Kong, that later returned to the U.S. 2.His father was a chinese opera singer that moved his whole family to the U.S.3.He was picked on a child by british students at his school, and that led him to join a street gang.4.He finished his education in edison, washington, and became a philosophy major.5.He stared in over 27 different movies throughout his career as an adult and even some when he was a child.

Bruce Lee



Rules of sport


1. He made martial arts open to everyone.2. he took away racial barriers so everyone could learn martial arts 3. Bruce lee helped make gyms what they are today, at the time they were nothing more than people trying to becomebodybuilders4. He founded the idea of superheros to stan lee5.he inspired parts of hip-hop to make it free flowing

1. all competitors must wear proper attire when competing 2. you must fight in your rank and never in lower or higher3. there must be a proof of age when competing 4. points can only be scored be hitting the target in certain areas 5. trying to purposely harm and injure the other competitor is against the rules6. eye gouging is not allowed 7. targeting the groin is not allowed 8.referees must be qualified and trained to handle and determain all things that go on during the tournament9. all fighting rings must be a certain size to have a proper match.10. no disrepect from either of the competitors or their coaches/teachers.

1.1958 – recognized as the “Crown Colony Cha-Cha Champion” in Hong Kong – 18 years old. 2.1964 – Karate Championship Award presented at the 3.1964 International Karate Championships for his “contribution to karate.” 4.May 2, 1964 – Commemorative Exhibition Award presented by Wally Jay and the Island Judo Jujitsu Club of Alameda, California in appreciation for his gung fu exhibition. 5.January 28, 1967 – Appears on the United Cerebral Palsy Telethon to help raise money for victims of the disease.6. 1972 – Inducted into Black Belt magazine’s Black Belt Hall of Fame.

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