Brown vs. Board

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Brown vs. Board

Yes, there's definitely a problem with self image today, but not just for Black’s, and not just because of skin color. If you go onto Youtube and search ‘doll test’ then you will find over 300,000 videos. Not only is their all of the historical stuff about Kenneth Clark’s experiment,but their are also videos of people conducting their own. In today's world many people pride themselves on their looks, when I say this most people just think about the media and blame it on them, but it has become a thing that is okay in our society. It all starts when the baby is born, if its a girl they wear pink, a boy wears blue, and ten as they get older they are expected to behave a certain way. Girls cheerlead, and boys play sports. When people are put into a box they feel self hatred for themselves.

What did Black schools look like before integration?

Brown vs. Board

What were dolls used for in Brown vs. Board?

The end result of the Brown vs. Brown was that the schools needed to be integrated. In the end the doll experiment helped end segregation, because without the doll project they have not been able to prove that seprate is not equal. Through a lot of effort eventually the schools did get integrated.

What was the end result of Brown vs. Board?

Modern day Doll Test

During the time that the Brown vs. Board of Education act went to the supreme court Kenneth Clark did a psychological test using dolls to determine Black childrens self hatred. In this test they had two dolls that were identical except for the color of their skin. When the children were asked which was the pretty doll they pointed to the white one. When they were asked the one they wanted to play with they chose the white one. Near the end of the experiment they were asked one final question; what is the doll that looks most like you? At this question the Black children pointed at the Black doll. Kenneth recalled that many cried, and some even stormed out of the room in dismay. This test helped the supreme court determine that these children were not treated equal, so they decided to integrate schools.

Before integration there was white schools and Black schools.The term they used was separate but equal, as we know from the doll project this was not true. Black schools did not receive as much funding as white schools, so many times they were crowded, didn’t have many material, and were extremely hot. In this time period Black people began to figure out that education could make someone go from the bottom to the top, so they began to work very hard on their education.

Do Black people still have problems with self image?

Photograph from the Library of Congress, on the left is a Black school, and on the right is a white elementary school.

Photograph from the Library of Congress, on the left is a Black school, and on the right is a white elementary school.

Photograph taken by Gordon Parks, showing Black child holding white doll.



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