brown vs. board of education

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brown vs. board of education

Every time the cases when to the Supreme Court . Every time, the reason they declined there request. Was because they had the favor of the district

School Segergation cases combined

People was marching everywhere. Trying to get the goverment to open the schools back up. Protesting ,and spreading it all over the news.

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brown vs. board of education

Brown was trying to end segergation . He fought for what he believed in,and laws was made to end it.So now if you are a diffrent race or color you are not judged.

Time Line

Early Civil Right Law

Browns case went to the Supreme Court. Also, several cases when to the Supreme Court . One thing is certain , they all had all the same outcome.

Lisa Brown walked one mile , just to get on a bus, and go to a all black school. Would you like to either go to a all black school, or a white and black school? Well, some kids in this time frame , did wish that. That way they don't feel judged about the color they are . We should be really thankful for what we got , because one day we could lose everything. One day , could be your last, because you never know when your life could be taken.

Schools was shut down by the goverment.


NAAP is established


Segergation Battle Strategy



Court upholds separate but equal

brown vs. board of education



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