Brown Tree Snake

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Brown Tree Snake

Brown Tree Snake (Boiga Irregularis)

Brown Tree Snakes*One to Three meters long*Weigh about 5 pounds*Typically inhibt forests, and grasslands*Also can be found in Urban Ecosystems up to 1,400 feet high

SolutionThe main solution has been live mouse traps. It hasn't been that effective.The other solution has been mice with poison inside of them. Sometimes hooked to mini parachutes to reach trees.

Consequences of Introduction:*Nine of 12 Birds and 3 of 11 lizards have become extinct*Plant population decreased*Many power outages*Causes 1 in every 1200 ER visits*Cost Guam 1 to 4 million dollars

Introduction to GuamThe Brown Tree snake is native to:*New Guinea, Eastern Indonesia*The Solomon Islands*Northern and Eastern Coast of Australia*Brought to Guam by Accident


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