Brown Spider Monkey

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Brown Spider Monkey

DescriptionThey can range in color from light to dark brown and black with a white belly. They usually have pale blue eyes and a white triangle forehead patchThey have long narrow limbs and a 75cm long, flexible, thin, and prehensile tail. There body length is 50 cm.

Brown Spider Monkey

PROBLEMThey get eaten by 2 main predators; the jaugar and the mountain lion. They are a target and favorite game for humans and sometimes sold as pets. They also have habitat destruction due to conversion to agricultural land.

SOLUTIONThey are trying to find a way to get their habitat back so they have a place to live and also have websites for donating money and other things to help save the brown spider monkey species.

FoodThey primary eat fruits but occasionally eat leaves, flowers, and insects

HabitatThey live above ground in tropical rainforests usually in Central and South America. They live in the upper layers and forage in high canopy. They do not hibernate

Gestation lasts for 226 to 232 days and one baby is born at a time with births occurring in 2 to 4 year intervals

They are a herbivore


Ateles hybridus


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