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Brown, Melissa

Classroom Procedures

Contact me

Questions or Concerns contact me at :

Grading Policy :

100 - 90 = A

79 -70 = C

89 - 80 = B

59 - 0 = F

69 - 60 = D

Notebook Organization:. 3 ring binder. 6 tabs for each unit. Design front of notebook. Place a paper divider for each chapter with an illustration

Homework / Classwork. Must be turn in on time. Needs to be completed prior to coming to class. Will be graded and posted on edline. Needs to have you name, date and class period on the top. Can be made up is absent with a letter from parent or doctor with excusal

Abiotic/Biotic Factors , Rock CycleCells/ Organelles , Water Cycle, etc.

Daily supplies needed:. Pencils . Notebook with paper inside. Coloring Utensils(markers, crayons, colored pencils)

Topics of Study;


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