Brown Girl Dreaming

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Brown Girl Dreaming

Implications for Teachingas a tool for teaching poetry as a genre, and explicit features of poetry such as vivid languageas a tool for working on story sequencingPerhaps mostly importantly, it could be used to enter the conversation about Civil Rights and racial/social justice.

Synopsis:BGD is written as a series of poems that collectively construct the author’s personal memoir. JW was born in Ohio to Jack and May Ann Woodson. When her parents split up, she moved with her mother and siblings to South Carolina to be raised with the help of her grandparents. Eventually Jacqueline’s mother relocates her family to New York, where Jacqueline attends school but returns to NC to spend summers with her grandparents. While living in NYC, Jacqueline befriends Maria, a Puerto Rican school mate and neighbor. BGD recounts many of the great memories that the author experienced with all these important people in her life. It also details her journey toward becoming a writer, which had always been her dream.

Main Characters:Jacqueline WoodsonJack Woodson (father)Mary Ann Woodson (mother)Odella Woodson (sister)Hope Woodson (brother)Roman Woodson (brother)Gunnar Irby (grandfather)Georgiana Irby (grandmother)Aunt KayUncle RobertMaria (best friend)

Topics & Themes:FriendshipAgency Through WritingRelocationReligion (Jehovah’s Witnesses)Civil Rights Movement


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