Brooks Caning of Sumner

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Social Studies

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Brooks Caning of Sumner

Context/ What was it?

Brooks Caning of Sumner

Events leading up to it


- each side distrusts each other - creates more conflict over slavery - isolates south more

- A member of the House of Representatives entered the Senate chamber and beat a senator into unconsciousness. - Preston S. Brooks then confronted Sumner and accused him of slander against SC and Butler, and started beating Sumner in the head with a cane.

- Two days earlier, Senator Charles Sumner gave a speech talking about the treatment of Kansas as "the rape of a virgin territory" and blamed it on the South's "depraved longing for a new slave state." - Basically he was addressing whether or not Kansas should be a free or slave state. - Sumner talked badly about the elderly Senator Andrew Pickens Butler (of SC) by calling him a liar, implying he kept a slave mistress, and teasing him about a speech impediment - upset Preston S. Brooks - go to "context/What was it?" for more


- Senator Charles Sumner of Massachusetts- Preston S. Brooks - South Carolina congressman- May 22, 1856- The day after the burning of Lawrence and two days before Brown's Pottawatomie Massacre



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