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Deep,and Dark, and Dangerous!

Ali goes away for the summer to her moms and aunts old cabin. Dulcie and Ali’s mother used to go to that cabin all the time, until something happened. But Ali’s the one that try’s to figure it out. But while Ali’s there, she meets this girl named sissy. Sissy wasn’t the kind of girl that Ali wants Emma to hang around. Since Ali’s babysitting. Sissy is showing Ali’s clues and clues until finally she figures out what happened.

ReviewThis is an amazing book! If I rated this it would probably be a 10! Deep, and Dark and Dangerous were a very suspenseful and interesting book! This book would be a good book for adults and kids! It has good description and kept me guessing, and that’s what kept me reading the book! this book is excellent and I really recommend you read it!

Ali: outgoing and smart Dulcie: brave, and generous Sissy: creepy, mean, blonde scrawny Emma: great imgarnary, thoughtful and sensitive.

Setting: past and beach house on a lake.



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