Brooke,Cian and Emily science project pinhole camera

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Brooke,Cian and Emily science project pinhole camera


Results part 1 Name.....blur.....image.....resultsCian.......20/20..20/20......40/40Brooke...15/20..20/20......35/40

PredictionOur group predicted that it would be bigger but faded so you can't see much of the detail.

Let's see

IntroductionHave you ever wondered what it's like to look at objects that are up-sided down?All you require is. Coloured card, tracing paper, scissors, pen or pencil, something circular to draw around and masking tape.To allow your pinhole camera to work successfully, you need the pinhole in the middle of the front.In research, we have noticed that the pin has to be in the middle and the other pinhole camera that we used to make the test fair.So, we made a decision to investigate if you move the screen will the image change?

Which distance from the pinhole to the screen is best?



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