Saltwater Great Barrier Reef

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Saltwater Great Barrier Reef

SaltwaterGreat Barrier Reef

Geograghy: Saltwater biomes cover over 70 percent of the earth's surface. It also surrounds every contient in the world. The Great Barrier Reef is on the north eastern part of Australlia.

Weather & Climate: Great Barrier Reef has a warm climate all year long. Cool breeezes, wam water, and lots of sunlight. It has 2 district seasons, winter periods has warm temputure with low rainfall. Summer has balmy temputure and higher rainfall.

Fauna:- Angel Fish- Butterfly Fish- Surgeon Fish- Bottlenose Dolphins- Sea Turtles- Jellyfish

Flora:- Algae- Seagrass- Mangroves- Island Plants- Coral

Interdependence:They depend on each other because plants need fish to eat them so they won't overgrow and die. And fish need plants to live in and live off of.

Pollunts: The ocean is effected by farming and coal mines that later on collects in the sea. Also sewage and other materials gets dumped into the sea and harms the animals.

That is one of the kinds of the Surgeon Fish

The sound that saltwater biomes make

This is how Great Barrier Reef looks like


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