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Social Studies

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The Brontosaurus lived in North America.

When dinosaurs were around there weren't any continents. There was just one chunk of land called Pangea.

When did the Brontosaurus live?First of all you should know that there were three periods in the Mesozoic Era: Triassic, Jurassic, and the Cretaceous Periods. The Brontosaurus lived in the Jurassic Period. This was 203-146 million years ago!

How do we know what the brontosaurus looked like? Because paleontologists found fossils of their bones. Fossils are made when the dinosaur dies and over the years the bones of the dinosaur that died get covered with mud, dirt and stuff like that. This makes a strong cast around the bone and the cast is made of rock.

The Brontosaurus was longer than two school buses, as heavy as five elephants, and it's hips were as tall as a one story house!

The Brontosaurus is also known as the Apatosaurus.


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Dinosaurs are funny!


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    Great project! Loved the movie!

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    Well done Lily! I like the QR code.
    Great to see you are having fun and learning.
    Mr. K