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broad axe tavern AnnaBelle and Mia


The Broad Axe Tavern is very old. It is even older than Whitpain Township! The tavern itself dates back to 1681. The tavern remains the oldest in Montgomery County and in PA. It is the second oldest in the US!

This is the inside of the Broad Axe Tavern after the renovations from the fire.

The Broad Axe Tavern is located on Butler Pike.

There's a legend about a ghost named Rachel who was chased into the bathroom by some people in the tavern. She stirs up during construction.

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A fire destroyed the building in 2001 and reopened in 2009. It was a multi-million dollar make over!

901 West Butler PikeAmbler, PA 19002

It is said to be named the Broad Axe because a lady named Hatchet who lived across the street used to sell drinks, candy and refreshments. The owner wanted to compete with her.

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