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Anatomy/Appearence:Giraffes can weigh as much as 1 1/2 tons,where as the average human only weighs 100-230 pounds, depending on the age.

Something Special:A giraffes heart can weigh up to 25 pounds, opposed to a humans heart than can only weigh up to 8-12 ounces

Anatomy/Appearence:Giraffes are the tallest living creature in the world. They average at 14-19 feet tall,where as the tallest person in the world was only 8 ft 3 inches tall.

Locomotion:Though a Giraffe usually walks slowly,a Giraffe can run up to 30 mph when running away from a predator.

Giraffes:by Brianna Walas

Animal's Name:Some people think the giraffes scientific name(giraffa camelopardalis)comes from its leapord like spots,and camel like stucture

Adaptions:A Giraffe has a tough tounge to protect it from thorns on some plants

Habitat and Range:In the wild,Giraffes live in central and Southern Africa on dry,grassy plains

Diet:A Giraffe usualy reaches it food by using its height to reach food on high branches.A Giraffe is a hebivore which means that it only eats plants.

Something Special:Like a humans fingerprints, each Giraffes pattern is unique

Defense/Offense:A Giraffe will kick a predator to protect itself,or its baby.

Animal's Name:A group of Giraffes is called a tower


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