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brittany meillier

A Tale of Two Pretties

Summary Massie goes broke because her dad lost his job. So the Pretty Committee raises money, but then Massie get rich again because her dad found a job but its in England. She tries to live with the Pretty Committee girls but she can’t because they are all busy. So she ends up moving to England but they promised each other that they will always be best friends.

Reveiw I like my book because Massie, Claire, Kristen, Dylan, and Alicia are all best friends but the said part is that Massie has to move but they promised each other that they would always be best friends.

Characters Massie Block: Brown hair, alpha, meanAlicia Rivera: Black hair, bossy, brown eyesDylan Marvil: Red hair, sweet, nice Kristen Gregory: sweet, kind, blonde hairClaire Lyons: blonde hair, kind, friendly


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