Brittany Koljonen

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Brittany Koljonen

5 things I am looking forward to:1. Getting my license2. Fall3. Snowboarding4. Ice Skating5. Spearing

Brooke, Me, and Bridgette at the Atlantic

Katelyn ******* ************

Brittany Koljonen

My Favorites:Colors: Orange/ GreenSubject: SciencePlace: OceanFruit: PinappleSport: BasketballSummertime Activites: Being at the lake/ Bonfires

Top 10 things i like to do:1. Being with my family2. Being at the lake3. Hanging out with friends4. Traveling/ going to the ocean5. Jogging6. Playing basketball/ volleyball7. Doing hair8. Shopping9. Wakeboarding and Kayaking10. Hunting and fishing

My Personality:HardworkingCreativeSometimes quietLike to be active

Besties:~Katelyn Nelson~Satera Montella~Hannah Sneeden~Cameo Nelson

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Brittany Sue

My Family:~Wendy (mom) and Luke (dad)~Me, Brooke, Bridgette, Kirk, and Kent

When I am older i want to do something in the medical field. I either want to go for a Medical Lab Technician or an ER Nurse. I want to work in a bigger hospital and have a fast pace job.


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