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British History

British history ROCKS!King Henry III had a polar bear in his Royal Menagerie. It went fishing in River Thames and attracted many viewers.King Henry VIII introduced tax on beards in the 16th century. The tax varied on the social status of the man sporting the beardThe City of London sold the 1831 London Bridge because it wasn’t strong enough to support the increased traffic in 1967. The bridge was bought by Robert P. McCulloch and relocated to Arizona, US.In the early 19th century, the British government spent 40 percent of its annual expenditure to free slaves and as compensation for slave owners’.Those who could not afford chimney cleaning services dropped a goose with its legs tied, down the chimney. It gave birth to the phrase “the blacker the goose, the cleaner the flue”

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Watch this video and answer the question:How many female monarchs ruled Britain?

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