British history

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European history

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British history

The UK started incorperating females in politics in 1987, and people started to favor the labour party, who preferred collectivist solutions rather than individual liberties.

Map of the UK

People moved to America to improve their lives. They believed that they could build everything form nothing. This makes a difference in the basic values.The UK has been affected by many cultures around the world, and because of that they have devolobed a multi cultural culture. Plus the fact that England is an old country it has very many old values compared to newer countries like USA.


The empire slowly receded after the war ended in 1945, and in 1997, after giving Hongkong to China, the last colonies were lost. But, the UK was previusly the largest empire.

VideoThe History Of The British Empire

Magrath Thatcher

After the war ended, there was a large amount of immigrants coming to England. The immigrants especally came from their colonies around the world.


UK vs. USA


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