British Columbia

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British Columbia

Basic Information

Name of the province:British ColumbiaCapital city:Victoria Population:4.361 millionLanguage: EnglishGeographic Origin: The Cordillera


The British columbia was not always a Canadian province for many years it used to called the British Colony !!!British Columbia was joined the canadian confederation on July 20,1871.British Columbia is the westernmost provoince in Canada.

British Columbia stretched from the Rockey Mountains to Pacific Ocean.In general however the temperatures are warm in south than north but the rainfall is heaviest along the coast and lightest in south interior.Mostly the weather in BC ia warmish and rainy.if you would like to visit BC I highly suggest you to eaither visit in summer or spring beacause the weather is really good in spring and really hot in summer!! Now I'm going to intorduce you to three beautiful and enjoyable place to visit so, the first palce is Alaska Highway so,instead of going from a borig highway you could simpoly go from the Alaska Highway to enjoy your time when you are travoling with your car.Secod place that I would love to visit is Okanagan Valley imagine that you are walking between tall plants and right beside you when you pass the tall plant there is be a beautiful beache that is really enjoyable.The third place which is the last place I would love to visit is Victoria because this beautiful city is British Columbia's capital city ,it is really beautiful and the city is totally covered with plant and beauty.


One of the British Columbia's most popular place and thing to see or visit is BC's totem poles so,you might ask your self where does totem poles come from? well, I should mention that these beautiful totem poles are basically first nation 's art work. According to this information we should be grateful that we have this beautiful symbol so that our visitors are proud and inturested.




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