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The Olympic and Titanic have been built. The HMHS (His Majesty's Hospital Ship) Britannic was the third "wonder ship" to be built. The White Sta Line knew if they were to keep ahead in the race across the Atlantic the new liner would have to be more magnificent than her older sisters.She could not sink in under 3 hours. She must carry enough lifeboats to accomodate every passenger and crew member.

Reynolds (Edward Atterton), the Britannic 's chaplain; he also finds himself attracted to her, but while his status as a man of the cloth presents an obstacle in their romance, it's nothing compared to Vera's discovery that Reynolds is one of the German agents she's been assigned to ferret out.

DIRECTOR: Brian Trenchard-SmithStarring:Edward AttertonAmanda RyanJacqueline BissetBen DanielsJohn Rhys-DaviesBruce PayneACTORS:


Vera Campbell (Amanda Ryan) is an attractive young woman who is an undercover agent for the British government. She is ordered to cross the sea aboard the Britannic in hopes of learning more about German spies who may attempt to sabotage the great ship.


In Southampton in 1916, HMHS Britannic, a sister ship of RMS Titanic, has been refitted as a hospital ship for soldiers fighting in the Gallipoli Campaign. This drama imagines what might have led up to the ship's sinking on its final voyage.


BritannicBased on a true story



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