Britain´s Environmental Major Issues

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Environmental Studies

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Britain´s Environmental Major Issues

Britain's Environmental Major Issues.

Major Issues

Goverment Actions

Impact on Citizens


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Britains environment has many key issues stemming from its booming industrys like areocol and green house gases but a major enviromental issue effecting britain is acid rain.

In Britain rain is considered acid rain when the ph levels are 5.6 and lower but in Britain they have a rain ph of 2.4 which is the ph of vinegar. And it eroded lime stone buildings and foundations.

Acid rains effect on Britain

In the 1980's Margret Thacher tackled air cleanlyness in Britain and other efforts to fix the ozone layer. She made great progress but she neglected the ground. Leaving many nitrogen issues untouched.

The people of Britain have become worried for their environment so they made the NEHA the National Environmental Health Assosiation. Their mission is to add a layer of coplexity to the idea of helping the environment and to remain a non - govermental orgenazation to help effect issues the people care about

ELF is the Environmental Law Foundation and they exist primarily to help socially and economically disadvantaged communities which want to address their concerns, but lack the resources or information to do so for their environment.


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