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Roran, the cousin of Eragon, fights with the resistance to secure a good life for his wife and unborn-child.

Eragon and Saphira Brightscales Dragonrider and Dragon fight against the King Galbatorix to free alagesia and repopulate the dragon race

Eragon has or will make seven promises and he has his goal on completeing them.

As Roran works as a soldier for Vardan, Eragon is going to the Dward Mountains to get them to select a king, then to Du Weldenvarden to train more with his masters, Oromis and Glaedr.

As Eragon faces his regret to his belief of who his father is a promise keeps from him knowing the truth.Two of three eggs have hatched, one is to King Galbatorix's minion, the other to Eragon. One is still in the king's custody

adventure with Eragon as he saves his homeland of Alagesia



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