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Christopher Paolini

In the beginning of Brisngr, Roran and Eragon go in to infiltrate the lair of the "Ra'zac" and eventually defeat the inhuman creatures for good and rescue Roran's soon to be wife, Katrina. Eragon stays back to look and see if there is anything else while Roran and Katrina fly back to the Varden on Saphira. Nasuada sends out the elf, Arya to find Eragon and they meet up and head back to the Varden. A few weeks after Eragon gets back, and weds Roran and Katrina, he heads off to Farthen Dur to talk with the dwarf clans without Saphira, while Roran goes out on a raiding mission. Eragon is attacked in the caves of Farthen Dur by assassins hired by the clan Durgmist Az Sweldn rak Anhuin. Roran goes on his raiding mission and encounters these "laughing men" who refuse to die, but comes back in one piece. After the dwarves in Farthen Dur decide on having Eragon's clan foster brother, Orik as the king, both Saphira and Eragon depart for Du Weldenvarden, where the elves reside, and look for Glaedr and Oromis, the only other surviving Dragon Riders. They also go to seek out a new sword. While they are there, Eragon finds out that his father is actually Brom, storyteller in Carvahall and the one who trained Eragon until he was killed in Gil'Ead. Eragon also finds an elf who can craft a Dragon Rider sword for him and names it Brisingr. The Varden lay seige on the city of Fienster, and Eragon and Saphira join soon after, with the Eldunari, or heart of hearts, containing Glaedr. Oromis is killed by the evil King Galbatorix, but the Varden take Fienster with the help of Arya, Eragon, and Saphira. Next, they will decide the plan of action on attacking the capital of the Empire, Uru'Baen.

The climax of Brisingr is when the Varden, Eragon, and Saphira attack the city of Fienster and seige it, making themone step closer to Uru'baen.

I think Eragon is the most interesting character in the story. He changes by learning the ways of the Dragon Riders. Oromis and Glaedr help Saphira and he progress. It is also interesting to see him wrestle with problems such as learning that his father was Morzan, but then finding out that it was actually Brom. Eragon is filled with much doubt concerning his future, but after conquering the city of Fienster, he gains confidence and believes Saphira and he could possibly overthrow Galbatorix.

The main problem of the story was resolving some of the problems that Eragon was facing, including how to eventually overthrow King Galbatorix. Some of those issues were solved by finding one weakness in Galbatorix's powers. Also, Eragon finds himself his own sword since Murtagh stole Za'roc from him on the Burning Plains.

One thing that I would change in the end of Brisingr is the amount of action. The action was very short and restricted to only about eight pages, instead of streathing on a bit longer.

Because Galbatorix was taking energy from the dragons, he was becoming more powerful. Because Eragon wanted a new blade, he went to Ellesmera to find someone to make one. Because Glaedr was still in his heart of hearts, he still lived on.


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