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Brighter World Keale Stoffer

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Design Specifications

Hypothetical Test

Design Brief


Brighter World (Robot Boats)The robot boats harness the power of the ocean by sucking up the water and creating it into a mist. It sprays the mist into the air and the mist forms clouds. The clouds block the sunlight from reaching the earth. The clouds prevent sunlight and heat from reaching the earth. Therefore the earth cools down instead of heating up. It stops heat and light from the sun, which is global warming from reaching the earth. If the sunlight can't reach the earth, then there will be no global warming. The formed clouds that the boat creates come back to earth in precipitation, which means it is reusable. I think this invention is great because it uses a resource that is vast and giant, the ocean, which means it doesn't really matter if they use it. The sunlight from the sun can't heat up the earth if there is no way to reach the earth.

Describing Machine

Global warming is when the climate heats up and the temperature rises. Global warming is associated to the earth and that is why it is important to understand it. Global warming affects human beings. Global warming also affects the animals and plants. It is important to understand global warming because it affects our world. We need to know what is happening to our polar ice caps, Arctic, and Antarctica. Global warming happens when the greenhouse gases trap heat and light from the sun in the earth's atmosphere, but can't come out because it is trapped. We need to know how global warming works and who is affecting it because then, we would know if people could stop it. We could understand who is heating up the world, the humans or the sun. If we could prove that global warming is from humans then, we could have a chance to stop or prevent it. We already know that global warming is real, but we need to understand who is creating it.

Brighter World (Robot Boats) Design BriefProblem- The problem is that the earth is heating up because the sun’s sunlight and heat is reaching the earth, which creates global warming.Solution- The robot boats helps cools the earth by forming clouds. The clouds block the sunlight from reaching the earth, which helps the earth cool down.

Brighter World

1. The boat creates mist from the ocean water and it sprays it up into the air2. The ocean provides the boat with it's clouds because the water from the ocean creates cleaner clouds3. The mist creates cleaner clouds, which helps blocks sunlight to help contribute to global warming because the sunlight has heat and light4. The turbines help create the mist into a spry to spray up into the air and the turbines help move the boat5. The clouds help block the sunlight which reduces global warming for a while because the sunlight hits the earth with heat and light

1. The boat is being tested. it is being tested to see if it can withstand the ocean and if it can float. It needs to be able to float for one hour if it if it can do that it passes the test.2. The ocean is being tested. It is being tested by see if the ocean water can get sucked up into the turbine for half an hour. If the turbine can suck up the ocean then, it passes the test because it will be able to create clouds, which is helpful for the environment.3. The mist is being tested. It is being tested to see if the mist sprays up into the air. If the mist sprays up for ten repeated times then it passes the test.4. The turbine is being tested. It is being tested to see if the turbine spins for half and hour. It also needs to be tested if it doesn't break during the process of spinning. If the turbine doesn't break and it spins for half an hour then, it will pass the test.5. The clouds are being tested. It is being tested to see if the clouds that the boat creates blocks part sunlight and heat for one hour. If it blocks the heat and sunlight then, it will pass.

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