Brieley Proffitt's Dream Vacation Scrapbook

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Brieley Proffitt's Dream Vacation Scrapbook

Dongchuan Red Land

Fort Bragg, California

Red Sea

Brieley Proffitt's Dream Vacation Scrapbook

Great Pyramids of Giza

New Zealand

It would be neat to explore the ancient pyramids; to see the lighting techniques that we learned about last year. I would look at the hieroglyphics and explore the tunnels. Getting to explore something made so long ago would be exciting.

New Zealand is somewhere I would want to go for vacation because there is so much to do there. For example, bungee jumping and bicycle touring are popular things to do. I could also go skiing, snowboarding, and surfing.I would try the wide variety of food from land and sea, such as lamb, pork,salmon, scallops, kiwifruit, and more.

I would finally see for myself what the Red Sea looks like after all the times I've heard about it in church.I would also go scuba diving since it's so-called one of the best places to do it.

I would go to Kunming, China to see a natural masterpiece. Dongchuan Red Land is a piece of land that is red, yellow, green, and white, mixed into swirling rainbows. Dongchuan Red Land is known as God's Pallete; who would want to miss that?

Himalayan Mountains

I would like to go to the Himalayas to see the view of Mount Everest and the snow-capped mountains in person. It would also be fun to go rock climbing on one of the mountains.

In Fort Bragg, California, I would visit Glass Beach. Glass Beach is a beach covered in tiny, smooth rocks made of glass and pottery. These "rocks" were made from having trashed dumped onto the beach, and then the waves breaking and smoothing it down into rocks and pebbles.I would also go kayaking. Fort Bragg has two local kayaking companies, and many rivers are available to go kayaking in, such as the Noyo River. You can also go kayaking in the ocean off the California coast.


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